Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Culinary escapades in the waning Kabul Days

It has been a busy week not only for us, but for our taste buds as well as we eat our way through multiple farewells and favorites before the pending departure from Kabul.  We have been extremely fortunate to hang out with so many of our amazing friends in these last few days and weeks in Kabul.  Here are a few favorite Foodie photos of recent antics.  Today the farewells continue as I have a traditional  Afghan meal at my office with all my staff, and tonight we have two separate social engagements with friends.

# 1 Swedish delight!

Swedish dinner with our lovely friends.  The first course comprised of pickled herring and eel served with Aquavit, but not until you sing a traditional Swedish song!

Second course was traditional Swedish meatballs!

#2 Amazing traditional Afghan cuisine at the home of our favorite family in Kabul. 
Highlights include my favorite Afghan dish, Shola, a slow-cooked rice dish which I refer to as "Afghan risotto", Mantu - small pockets of dough filled with meat topped with yogurt, grilled pumpkin, naan, mixed salad, daal, and a green-colored Pilau called Emerald Pilau, colored with spinach and topped with nuts.

The evening was completed with traditional Afgan music.

#3 Chocolate Fondue at the local Lebanese restaurant
After all, who would not expect chocolate fondue at a Lebanese place, in Kabul? Decadent.

#4 - Raclette at the L'Atmosphere French Restaurant

A plate of cold cuts, chopped peppers, pickles, and a boiled potato - all topped with perfectly melted gooey cheese, what's not to love! 

Grilling the perfect meat for our chocolate chili.
We made our 'award winning' (as in the dish that won 'Popular Choice' at the 2009 US Embassy chili cook-off) for my colleagues the other night.  The whole process started off with much more attention to grilling the meat perfectly, than previously attempted - it was definitely worth it. 

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