Monday, April 5, 2010

Baking with a Baboon

How many sticks of incense does it take to rid your house of the smell of a baboon raid - no idea!  We've gone through an entire packet, and it still smells of our furry friends in here!!

Seems our kitchen escapades was not yet over with the Taleboons in Scarborough - after an early morning jiggle at the door I was sitting next to, William (large scary male) hovered around and finally made his break-in through a latched window when Chris and I thought the coast was clear to go to a local bistro for lunch - our lunch however was not to be when ten minutes into our drive the security company called with the dreaded "Your alarm is sounding", then, wait for it "the baboons are in your house".  A quick u-turn and the panic ensues.  Did they damage my computer that hosts my dissertation (which I have foolishly not backed up since last night, I mean, how many times can you back a paper up!?).  What does the kitchen look like, and the list goes on.

In the end, we survived fairly well - yes, the house STINKS like unbathed baboon, egg everywhere, and the odd sniff of their, well, droppings...but apart from a rather bent-out-of-shape pair of reading glasses, my monitor was only knocked over, the hundreds of pages of research they strew all over the place, is mostly reorganized (with some of the most 'used' piece of paper freshly re-printed) and the egg and flour was wiped up.  What I am immensely thankful for (this is not about materialism, rather sentiment) is that my antique Afghan rugs and hand-blown Herati glass was not harmed.  Paw prints on the top of the fridge, and yes, even poo on my laptop I can deal with...

Now, what was that webpage again?  That's right, ...


  1. oh man! you guys!!! these baboons won't leave you alone! Glad all is okay but so sorry for the stinkiness! ugh.

  2. After seeing the inside of the house, it's heartbreaking to see everything strewn about like that. The smell I can't imagine, but it sounds horrible.
    - Erik in Kabul

  3. Oh Dear!!! All the dissertation research!!! Makes the rogue orange t-ban feline look like hello-kitty. ;-) Miss you.


  4. Sounds exactly like life in Christopher's frat house! Well, minus the beer.